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While dental fillings are intended to last for many years, most have a finite lifespan. This is especially true of large dental fillings or repairs that are made to the biting surface of a tooth.

As the dental filling ages, the once firm bond between it and the surrounding tooth enamel can start to weaken. This is more likely to occur if you struggle to maintain good oral hygiene practices like remembering to brush twice each day and thoroughly flossing each evening.

If you have a previously repaired tooth that has become increasingly sensitive or has developed a change in color or texture, you should have it examined by a professional dentist like Dr. Carolyn Yu as soon as possible. Without timely treatment, a degraded dental filling could potentially fail and fall out.  

If the weakened dental filling was large, there might not be sufficient healthy tooth enamel remaining for Dr. Carolyn Yu to install a replacement dental filling. In a case like this he might recommend replacing the tooth’s enamel layer with a dental crown made from a metallic alloy, gold, or dental-grade porcelain.

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