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Our team at Carolyn L. Yu, DDS is dedicated to offering our patients effective options for cosmetic dentistry to brighten their smiles, and this can involve using dental veneers made with porcelain or resin material. Dental veneers are very simple yet effective at concealing unwanted dental flaws in your smile. Dental veneers provide a full smile makeover to make your smile look fresh and new in just a few dental visits.

Dr. Carolyn Yu provides custom-made dental veneers that are extremely thin and semi-translucent so that they look stunning when placed on your teeth without requiring invasive treatment. The process of placing a dental veneer involves some removal of natural tooth enamel to prevent the tooth from looking thicker when it receives the veneer.

Many patients prefer dental veneers over other cosmetic choices because these tooth-shaped shells are resistant to staining, can last a very long time and have a natural appearance due to their porcelain or composite resin material. Some of the common uses of dental veneers are to fill unwanted tooth gaps, conceal tooth stains, lengthen short teeth, straighten crooked teeth and improve the overall appearance of a smile.

You can be a candidate for dental veneers as long as you have a normal bite and healthy teeth so that the dental veneers can improve worn teeth and enhance the radiance of your smile.

We invite you to contact Carolyn L. Yu, DDS at 510.974.2147 today if you would like to learn more about dental veneers in Pinole, California, and schedule a consultation with our dentist.