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Patients who have a habit of grinding their teeth are not uncommon, especially in the case of young children or those who often experience stress and anger. Many people don’t even realize they have a habit of tooth grinding because it only happens at night during sleep. Bruxism is the term for chronic tooth grinding, and while children typically aren’t in danger of tooth damage from it, adults may experience some issues.

Bruxism can often be treated by oral night guards, which are worn during sleep to prevent damage to your smile. If you frequently experience morning jaw pain, headaches and toothaches, these are common signs of tooth grinding.

To determine if you should receive a type of night guard, speak with Dr. Carolyn Yu about your options for treating bruxism. A general solution is to receive an over-the-counter stock night guards that many stores carry. It conforms to your smile after being boiled at home and then bitten into to create the desired shape. Alternatively, we work with a professional dental lab to create custom night guards from quality materials that provide a unique and comfortable shape just for your mouth.

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