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We all know that what we eat affects our overall health, but did you know the food you eat matters to your oral health as well? The foods you eat can have a positive impact on your smile! Here are 4 foods to integrate into your balanced diet for a healthy smile:

Water: Water, especially fluoridated water, is the best beverage for healthy teeth. Fluoride makes teeth more resistant to bacteria-produced acids that can cause cavities. About 75% of the US population has regular access to clean, fluoridated water. Just think–regular tap water is an excellent source for cavity protection!

Nuts and Lean Protein: Protein-rich food such as eggs, fish, meat, milk, and poultry are excellent sources of the mineral phosphorus. Phosphorous is the second most plentiful mineral in your body! Alongside calcium, phosphorus plays a vital role in oral health by building and protecting tooth enamel. Additionally, many nuts are low in carbohydrates, which is great for teeth. The bacteria that cause cavities feed on carbohydrates. Nuts provide protein and minerals important for overall health. Chewing nuts also stimulates saliva, which distributes fortifying nutrients and disease-fighting substances throughout the mouth. Overall, this is a great category for improving dental health!

Fruits and Veggies: Fruits and veggies provide fiber to the body, balancing out the sugars they contain. They also deliver water to the mouth, cleaning it as they go. Dark leafy greens are particularly good for teeth. Fruits and veggies are part of a balanced diet, and are a delicious way to help your smile.

Dairy: If you can, choose high-calcium dairy products such as cheese, milk, and yogurt. They provide calcium and protein to the mouth, strengthening teeth. They are also low in sugar, which is good for overall mouth health.

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