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When a dental crown restoration is placed in your mouth, it replaces the vulnerable tooth enamel that was affected by dental fracture, tooth decay, or an unwanted cosmetic imperfection. Even though a dental crown is created with a material that cannot be decayed, it doesn’t mean you slack on providing that tooth with the excellent oral hygiene your natural teeth hopefully receive. Dr. Carolyn Yu offers professional insight into how to care for your dental crown.

When plaque buildup and food residue aren’t removed from around the dental crown every day, they can harden into tartar, a hardened and bacteria-filled substance that easily leads to gum disease and, overtime, can affect the abutment anchors your dental crown.

To maintain the health of your dental crown, brush your teeth at least twice each day and floss along the gum line and between every tooth. You may want to try a waxed floss if you struggle to maneuver the floss around your dental crown, as the waxed coating helps the strand fit into tight places and protects your gums from injury caused by the dental floss snapping into place.

It’s also very important that you don’t skip your twice-annual dental checkup at Carolyn L. Yu, DDS, as these visits are vital to maintaining the integrity of your dental crown and natural teeth in the long run. During the checkup, our team will perform a thorough cleaning treatment to remove any tartar that has hardened around your dental crown or natural teeth.

During your visits to Carolyn L. Yu, DDS, our dentist will monitor the quality of your dental crown and evaluate your gum health to ensure there are no problems with your smile. Please feel free to call 510.974.2147 today if you would like to schedule an appointment with us in Pinole, California.