What Do You Know About Mouth Guards?

Mouth guards are just for sporting activities, right? Actually, they can be utilized for much more than that. Learn more about how you can guard your chompers with mouth guards by taking this short quiz we’ve built. We hope you enjoy it! 1. This type of mouth guard guards your chompers from grinding, and it… Read more »

Taking Charge in a Dental Emergency

From time to time, you may have to cope with a dental emergency. It may be a tooth knocked out or broken while playing sports. It may be a broken wire on your braces. The dental cement holding a crown may give out, or a filling may be loose. It could be the sudden appearance… Read more »

Avoid Dental Emergencies by Following These Tips

Though you may think that your pearly whites are indestructible tools that can accomplish any task, we disagree. At , we’ve seen enough patients to know that using your chompers for anything other than chewing food can result in damaged or lost teeth and dental emergencies. Pay attention for the following activities and protect your… Read more »

The Details About General Dentistry

Do you ever wonder what it means when your dentist says offers general dentistry? If so, our dental team is more than happy to help you! General dentistry is a branch of dentistry that is meant to help your teeth, gums, smile, and oral health. In fact, it focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and diseases… Read more »

All About the Best Ways to Prevent Tartar Growth on Your Smile

If you want a strong, successful, and healthy smile, then you need to keep tartar away from your teeth and gums. Tartar is a substance that plaque turns into if it’s not removed in a timely manner. If you’re not careful, the toxic substance can irritate the gums, infect the gum tissues, and deteriorate the… Read more »

Chewing Gum Fights Cavities

Did you know that chewing gum is actually good for you? Chewing gum fights cavities, it it true–sort-of. The real truth is, that the saliva produced while you chew sugarless gum fights cavities. Saliva can help wash away food residue and bacteria that come together and form the thin layer known as plaque. Saliva can… Read more »

Problems Associated with a Toothache

Is your toothache being caused by nerve damage? The truth is, all toothaches should be treated as serious issues. If you feel pain in a tooth, or notice an irregularity, then something is wrong that needs to be corrected. Toothaches can have complications. If you take an over-the-counter pain reliever and your toothache persists after… Read more »

Eating Well for a Healthy Smile

We all know that what we eat affects our overall health, but did you know the food you eat matters to your oral health as well? The foods you eat can have a positive impact on your smile! Here are 4 foods to integrate into your balanced diet for a healthy smile: Water: Water, especially… Read more »

Severe Dental Trauma Requires First-Aid Measures While Seeking Care from a Dentist

Sports injuries and other severe accidents that affect the mouth can cause significant dental damage. When this happens, the unnatural force applied to the mouth can chip, fracture, or even crack a tooth. In a serious situation like this, you will need to apply some basic first-aid measures while seeking dental care at . Immediately… Read more »

What is Involved in Treating a Cavity with a Composite Filling?

Did Dr. recommend repairing one of your teeth with a composite dental filling in , ? If so, our dental will be thrilled to explain the steps of your treatment so you can know what to expect when you come to . The process involves the following steps: First, your dentist will help you feel… Read more »