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While oral emergencies such as dental injuries can be very stressful and leave you at a loss of what to do, the good news is that your smile can be restored with advanced techniques and dental technology. Dr. Carolyn Yu and our team are here to help you react calmly by providing specific instructions in caring for a tooth injury while you arrange to receive professional care. In the case of a knocked-out tooth, it’s important to take proper steps to keep your tooth safe and in good shape.

First, when handling the tooth, do so minimally and avoid gripping the root and causing further damage. Instead, hold the crown of the tooth, which is the cub-shaped area that can be seen above your gum line. You can use tap water to rinse away debris on the tooth, but don’t try to scrub it or else it may be damaged.

Second, you can clean away blood and debris from your mouth by rinsing with warm water. If bleeding persists, pack the area with gauze or a damp tea bag to create pressure.

You can protect the tooth on the way to our office by keeping it in saliva, milk or a tooth kit so that the tooth remains submerged and alive. If the tooth tissues are still alive when you receive professional dental treatment, our dentist may be able to place the tooth in your jaw once more.

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