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Did Dr. Carolyn Yu recommend repairing one of your teeth with a composite dental filling in Pinole, California? If so, our dental will be thrilled to explain the steps of your treatment so you can know what to expect when you come to Carolyn L. Yu, DDS. The process involves the following steps:

First, your dentist will help you feel comfortable during the treatment by numbing your mouth with a special numbing agent. When your mouth is numb, he will use an effective and gentle tool (like an air abrasion instrument, dental drill, or dental laser) to remove the decayed tooth enamel.

Second, your dentist will clean the tooth before placing the filling to help you prevent future complications.

Third, he will apply the composite resin in the tooth in layers. Once each layer is placed, your dentist will harden it with a dental light. This will ensure a strong dental filling that can restore your tooth’s function.

Fourth, your dentist will trim the top of the filling and shape it to provide comfortable and aesthetic results. This will help it fit perfectly with your bite and smile. To finish the treatment, your dentist will polish the filling.

If you have questions about composite dental fillings and the treatment process involved, please call our office at 510.974.2147 at your earliest convenience. We will be more than happy to give you the details and information you seek!